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Donate to Children in Need

The world’s children are facing an unprecedented threat due to the pandemic, which still lingers in many countries. As a result, children’s rights to health, education, and protection are being threatened. This is why it’s so important that people give back to Save the Children. Through its humanitarian response, the organization is working to protect the futures of millions of children.

Host a Toy Drive

To help children have a great holiday, organize a toy drive in your school. You can also market the event and encourage your community to donate an item for the drive.

Host a Clothing Drive

While getting toys is always a delight for children, there are many other essentials those in need would appreciate. Consider running a clothing drive and collecting new or lightly worn clothing. Warm coats, hats, gloves, and boots are always high-priority items for colder months. Don’t forget to donate items of all sizes, fitting adults and children.

Reach Out to Those You Love

Taking the time to reach out to those you love will always make a difference in the world. Most people might not consider this as part of giving back to the community, but it is. Even a simple letter or phone call can help put a smile on somebody’s face.

Shovel Snow

If you live in a colder climate where snow is inevitable, consider offering up your time and energy by shoveling snow. Many places could use the extra help, such as schools and churches. Additionally, the elderly and people with mobility issues need clear sidewalks but can’t always manage this feat on their own. If you have a neighbor who can’t handle their shoveling, consider stepping up to help.