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We all want our kids to be kind and upstanding. This includes being kind to one another and helping each other. They can also learn to be good adults by giving back to the community.

According to studies, being able to relate to others is very important for becoming a successful adult. It can also make children likable and contribute to their abilities to be good leaders.

Here are some tips on how to raise an empathetic and philanthropic child.

Lead By Example

Children learn by watching their parents. They even pick up on lessons we don’t mean to teach them. This means that parents have to take the initiative to set a good example for their children. This means being as generous as possible, showing that they are more than willing to help others in need.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Charity and volunteer work do wonders for the world – and our self-esteem. When we do something good, we tend to feel good. Parents can help further encourage these behaviors by adding additional encouragement – a positive reinforcement cycle that children will carry into adulthood.

Make it a Tradition

A straightforward way to encourage children’s generosity is by placing a box by their backdoor. Family members can help collect used toys, games, and books for needy families. Each time the container is filled, the items are delivered to a different family. This ritual can become a cherished childhood memory.

Alternatively, a family can make a tradition out of it. For example, many families tend to donate more over the holidays. Let your child be involved in this process. Perhaps consider sponsoring a family for the holidays, letting your child pick out which toys to donate.

Encourage Their Passion

Kids are more likely to want to participate in service projects related to their interests. Allow them to choose something they’re good at and enjoy doing. For instance, if your child love animals, consider reaching out to your local animal shelter to see if they could volunteer there. Even just an hour or two of walking or playing with the dogs can make a difference.