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Jason Spates

Philanthropy & Community

About Jason Spates

Jason Spates is a lifelong resident of Dana Point, California, where for more than 20 years, he has been establishing himself as a skilled and knowledgeable businessman and entrepreneur. 

Outside of his career, Jason Spates has a robust personal life. He is a husband of twelve years and the father of two wonderful children. He’s a lifelong resident of Dana Point, California, and he loves to unwind and relax with meditation and yoga. He also enjoys exercising using electric bikes, as they provide more reassurance and support to trek out on longer adventures. Jason’s interest in electric bikes is so strong that it’s a passion that’s grown into a facet of his career. 

In 2020, Jason Spates and his business partner Micah founded Doheny Bike, where they work to develop folding electric bicycles to make mobility more accessible to the average buyer’s budget. He operates as the owner of the business, helping provide access to non-restricted travel and personal freedom to locals and visitors alike. As two dads of school-age children, Jason and Micah both want to see their kids have the opportunity to be as mobile as they were in the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

Concurrently in his career, Jason Spates is the CEO of TruckLenders USA, a position he’s held since 2005. TruckLenders USA is the country’s leading commercial truck financing company, offering commercial van financing, commercial bus financing, commercial truck financing, and commercial fleet programs, among multiple others. Since 1977, TruckLenders USA has been meeting the needs of American truckers all over the country in all 48 continental United States. With a network of nationwide representatives, thousands of clients can access unique equipment financing products and programs. 

Across the past 17 years, Jason Spates and the team have helped TruckLenders USA maintain its competitive advantage by featuring plentiful marketing resources, industry-leading technology-based tools, competitive application-only limits, and rapid turnaround times. 

Simultaneously, Jason Spates operates Spates Financial Inc. as CEO, offering pre-owned and custom vans, commercial specialty trucks, and hybrid leases at near wholesale rates, with commercial financing options available. Jason also serves as the CEO of Vehicle Lenders Group. 

Through his work and businesses, Jason Spates always looks for ways that he can give back. Through Doheny Bike, he has the chance to donate bikes and equipment to kids in the community and make a difference in their lives. 

Learn more about how you can get involved in your community, become more active in philanthropy, or build a business where you can give back by visiting Jason Spates’ blog for the latest updates!

Past & Current Positions

Chief Executive Officer

TruckLenders USA
January 2015 – Present
Dana Point, California

Chief Executive Officer

Doheny Electric Bike
April 2020 – Present
Dana Point, California

2004 – January 2019
Orange County, California

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