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If you’ve ever considered giving back to your community, the odds are good that you’ve found dozens of lists of what you can do. But how many lists focused on what you could be doing for the younger generations in your community?

The odds are good that most of them only included a single idea or two. The simple truth is that the youth often get overlooked during community engagement projects for one reason or another. Let’s take a moment to discuss all the ways you can help the children within your community.

Be Patient

Today’s kids may look different from how you were when you were a kid. On the inside, however, they’re still the same as they have always been. They’re full of energy and passion but also vulnerable and lacking in confidence.

In addition to hormonal surges, teenagers also have added complexity due to the changes in their brain’s structure. According to neuroscience, the changes in the brain’s structure during the teenage years can trigger an increase in the brain’s emotional responses. The frontal cortex, a part of the brain responsible for calming and rational behavior, doesn’t fully enter play until adulthood.

Rather than sink into the temptation to express frustration at their expense, please take a moment to put yourself in their shoes.


It’s easy to think that the older generations know everything there is to know. But younger generations have something to say, and their insight is essential to our future. Take the time to listen to the children and teenagers around you. Are they expressing concerns about the environment, their school systems, or other specific concern? 

Consider doing some research on these matters, and be willing to take their side when they speak up.

Support Youth Organizations

One of the best ways to keep kids and teens out of trouble is by giving them something to do. Youth groups and organizations do a great job of this, giving them someplace to go and have fun in a safe environment. You can support these groups by donating your time, experience, or money. Anything will help make a difference.